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If you’re looking for the best carpentry service to help you out around the house, look no further than DNB.Services. We know you’ve got a never-ending list of odd jobs that need doing around your home. However, with the demands of work and family, it’s so hard to find the time to tackle them all. When you use the DNB.Services app, you’ll be connected with local carpenters who can take care of this work for you.

In addition to freeing up your time for the more important things in life, booking a carpenter through the DNB.Services platform will give you the security of knowing that things are being handled by an expert. If the sight of a hammer or screwdriver fills you with anxiety and you’d rather leave things to a professional, our platform is ready to help.


DNB.Services has been connecting customers with carpenters for more than a decade. In its history, our platform has helped thousands of people get expert help with all their wood work needs.

  • Background checked professionals

  • 18/7 customer service

  • Affordable, upfront pricing

  • Not time window, book when you want

How it works?

​Download the App or submit a request through WhatsApp for the service. Rest our Customer Care executive will take care of it. Within a day, a professional will be at your doorsteps. The service is standardised according to the work hours and paid accordingly.

There is no charges for professional visit till our professional assess the problem. Payment for the service can be made through Online.


Professionals offering handyman services through DNB.Services come with a wealth of skill and experience. This means that you can book a versatile carpenter who can take care of a variety of jobs at the time that's best for you. Rather than spending your weekend trying to find studs in your walls or questioning whether you can trust the guy at the hardware store to give you good advice, why not use the DNB.Services platform to hire a carpenter who can deal with everything? Whether you need urgent help for home repairs, or just a few odd jobs taken care of, using DNB.Services to book a general contractor or carpenter can help you save both time and money.

Everyone has a different skill set, and not everyone was put on this planet with the same aptitude for manual labor. And that’s okay! Whatever your needs, the DNB.Services platform can connect you with the right professionals who won’t be daunted by your task, whatever it might be. Whether you need help with a door that won’t close, a squeaky hinge, drywall repair, or fixing a broken table leg, we’ve got you covered.  You can’t go wrong with DNB.Services—let us connect you with a top-rated handyman with the right skills for your job.

At DNB.Services, we know that your time is valuable, whether you're a busy professional or a hardworking parent looking after the kids. We won't expect you to take a slice out of your day waiting for your carpenter  to arrive. Book a carpenter through the DNB.Services platform and you can choose when they arrive. Rest assured that they'll turn up on time, every time.

For all the work performed, we provide 15 days service guarantee.

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